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Silver Lining Opticians is the leading independent eyewear brand and shop in New York, and some say the world.  Our understanding of vintage and contemporary eyewear and sunglasses makes us an authority on how glasses should be crafted, how they should feel, and what they should express through a quintessentially New York mixture of style and attitude.

We focus our passion on eyewear alone. We forge relationships with savvy, confident consumers who believe in letting quality and design speak for themselves—and who, like us, get that style is a matter of honesty, individuality, and creative integrity.  The collection we curate satisfies modernists and classicists alike.

Silver Lining Opticians employs fully licensed opticians, ready to fill prescriptions and customize lenses. We have set the bar for independent eyewear retailers since 2007 because of our unwavering belief in quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Together with our eponymous collection, Silver Lining Opticians offers the best frames from around the world.


The Best Selection of New Eyewear

Fake rivets, spring hinges, fashion licenses, these are things we don’t mess with.  Our strict policy ensures that all frames are of the utmost quality. Each and every piece in the store is subject to these stringent rules.  A good-looking frame isn’t enough. It must be made to our exacting standards.

Brands we carry include Silver Lining Opticians, Masunaga, Eyevan, l.a. Eyeworks, Bruno Chaussignand, YUICHI TOYAMA, lowercase, Naninni & Factory 900.


Silver Lining Optical

Our own brand features handpicked component details: Japanese and Italian acetates, Japanese lenses, five and seven barrel hinges, titanium eyewire, hexagonal rivets, and hand polishing and assembly in China.


Silver Lining Sun

New York City is the DNA of our own brand. Hexagonal walkway tiles in New York City Parks inspire the custom hexagonal riveting and eye wire.


The Vintage Vault

Our selection of unused vintage merchandise is unrivaled.  We collect and sell pieces made primarily between the 1970s and 1990s.  It was this brief period where the fashion industry and the optical industry first collided producing a colleciton of quality and style that few other periods have ever seen.  The manufacturing processes which enabled the mass production of frames gave designers the freedom to experiment and design creations more expressive than before. We have a selection available for purchase online, but recommend visiting our shop in person to see our full range.


"Vintage is of better quality with higher production values of a bygone era."

How Can We Help You?

Lenses are not one size fits all.  There are a multitude of lens materials, coatings, and designs to choose from.  Those designs require personalized measurements that we do by hand in person. While others use an average value for some of these measurements, that is something we would never do.  Each client of Silver Lining is sold the most appropriate material, coatings, and lens design based on their personal needs. Everyone is measured individually so that their lenses are made for them and no one else.  Whether you want a plano sunglass, or a digitally surfaced progressive lens with blue light protection, transitions, premium anti-glare with oleophobic and hydrophobic qualities, we can provide you exactly what you want.

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