Silver Lining Opticians is the leading independent eyewear shop and brand in New York City. There are some who tell us the world.


We focus our passion on eyewear alone. We forge relationships with savvy, confident consumers who believe in letting quality and design speak for themselves—and who, like us, get that style is a matter of honesty, individuality, and creative integrity. The collection we curate satisfies modernists and classicists alike.


Our understanding of vintage and contemporary eyewear and sunwear makes us an authority on how glasses should be crafted, how they should feel, and what they should express through a quintessentially New York mixture of style and attitude.


New York City is the DNA of our own brand. Hexagonal walkway tiles in New York City Parks inspire the custom hexagonal riveting and eye wire. Frames are named for Manhattan bus routes.  But we are global and timeless in handpicking our component details: Japanese and Italian acetates, Japanese lenses, OB barrel hinges, custom titanium eyewire, custom hexagonal rivets, and hand-polishing and assembly in China.


Silver Lining Opticians employs fully licensed opticians, ready to fill prescriptions and customize lenses. We have set the bar for independent eyewear retailers since 2007 because of our unwavering belief in quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Together with our eponymous collection, Silver Lining Opticians offers the best frames from the world to New York and beyond.